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Conservation is driven by passionate people who deeply value wildlife and the beauty of nature. Without animals, what would the earth be?

At ArtforWild, we believe it is the passionate refusal to consider this outcome that drives us. We formed this organization because we feel strongly about using our skills and networks to raise funds and awareness for wildlife conservation.

We partner with experts, organizations, and like-minded individuals who share our passion for wildlife. Our goal is to create meaningful change and make the biggest possible impact for every single animal.

Each animal, no matter how small, represents the significance of an individual, as reflected in our photographs. We firmly believe that even the smallest rhino holds hope for the entire species. By purchasing a unique artwork from our collection, 50% of the proceeds will be dedicated to supporting your favorite orphaned animal. Alternatively, we can collaborate with your company to contribute to conservation efforts.

To learn more about corporate partnerships and our artwork, please contact Nicole directly at

We extend our gratitude to Because Stories, SAVE and Interview Bethmann Private Bank for their support.

How you can help

There are various ways you can support wildlife. Learn more about how you can preserve nature for future generations.

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Elephants having fun while taking a bath