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Mireille embarked on a journey from Germany to the sanctuary in Kenya to capture the courageous and majestic elephants and the local people committed to giving them a future that is wild and free.

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is a unique and groundbreaking conservation initiative in Northern Kenya that is locally owned and run by the indigenous Samburu people. This is the first project of Art for Wild, in partnership with Sarara, and it focuses on nurturing orphaned and abandoned elephant calves back to health and releasing them back into the wild herds adjoining Reteti.

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Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

During her visit to Reteti, Mireille encountered two projects that had a big impact on her: the Milk to Market project and the Wells for Wildlife campaign. These community initiatives not only empower women and protect wildlife but also celebrate the coexistence of the Samburu people and their environment.

The Milk-to-Market Community Program economically empowers Samburu women by buying their surplus goat milk and provides a sustainable, cost-effective milk supply for the elephants.

The Wells for Wildlife campaign helps to dig safe wells for elephants, the Samburu people, and other wildlife in the area. And a Montessori Pre-School has been started for the little ones in the Namunyak Conservancy, which is the first nomadic Montessori school in the world.

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Milk-to-Market Community Program
Wells for Wildlife campaign
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Info about this project

  • Elephant Rescue
  • Female Empowerment
  • Human Independency
  • Nature, Animals and Human living in harmony

Adopt an elephant and make a difference

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact on the world and support the conservation of wildlife? By adopting an orphaned or abandoned elephant at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, you can help in the rehabilitation and release of these majestic creatures back into the wild. Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is a community-driven movement that is committed to creating new economies, transforming lives, and conserving natural resources. With your help, we can continue to provide a safe haven for these elephants and ensure their survival for generations to come.

To adopt an elephant, simply visit the adoption page and browse through the photos to find the perfect elephant for you. Each elephant has a profile that provides information on their background, personality, and progress in their rehabilitation journey.

Our co-founders, Mireille and Nicole, have already adopted two baby elephants, Lomunyak and Long'uro, through Reteti’s Adopt An Elephant initiative. These two calves are the best of friends and arrived at Reteti just a month apart. Lomunyak, meaning "lucky" in the Samburu language, is a friendly and sociable elephant who knows his name and always responds. Long’uro, who lost a portion of his trunk to hyenas, is a fighter and a kind and caring elephant who teaches us all about resilience and compassion.

Your support will not only help these incredible animals but will also contribute to the local community and the conservation of natural resources.



A unique creative process

Every location holds a distinctive story that influences the creative process. During her visit to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya, Mireille found inspiration in the intricate coexistence between elephants and the Samburu people. The Samburu are renowned for their warm hospitality and kindness towards strangers, a trait Mireille experienced firsthand during her stay. This compassion extends to the care of the animals, with the Samburu keepers and guides demonstrating extraordinary tenderness and empathy towards the elephants at the sanctuary. In return, they are reciprocated with love and trust from the elephant calves.

Leveraging her artistic background, Mireille has developed a perspective that transcends traditional photography. She meticulously curates her work into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are tailored to each subject. Her artistry goes beyond capturing the moment; she adds intimate hand-colored, painted, or written layers and traces on prints, characteristic of the respective initiatives, transforming them into exceptional artworks. Currently, Mireille is fully engrossed in the creative process, carefully reviewing each photograph taken during her journey to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and deciding on the treatment that will allow each image to radiate its true essence. Just as each orphaned elephant possesses its own uniqueness, so too does every artwork created by ArtforWild. This stage in the artistic process ensures that each photograph is treated individually and distinctly. The creative journey might even lead her back to Reteti and the Samburu people, where she hopes to incorporate local artistic processes into her art.

Samburu Handprint Art Project

The inaugural project is titled the "Samburu Handprint Art Project." The colors used are inspired by the vibrant hues embraced by the Samburu people, including yellow (symbolizing sand and butterflies), red and reddish-brown (representing ferruginous sand and mud), and blue (symbolic of water and starlings). The artworks bear meanings such as secrets, assistance, protection, greetings, nourishment, and blessings. As part of this art project, handprints on elephants will be incorporated into the photographs. Each handprint carries its own significance.

Samburu Handprint Art for Wild
Samburu Handprint Art for Wild

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