and conserving
natural beauty

Celebrating Africa's wildlife, contributing towards its care.
Each artwork, each story, each animal is unique. Sold in aid of conservation.

What we do

ArtforWild is a project that celebrates spectacular wildlife, while contributing towards its conservation. Each artwork, each story, each animal is unique – highlighting the immeasurable value of the continent’s creatures and our responsibility towards their care.

Artforwild supports wildlife organizations concerned with the rescue, care and release of orphaned or injured animals. We do this through fundraising and awareness, using our unique, original artwork to connect with nature’s ambassadors, linking them with ways that they can make a difference. Our dramatic and emotional photographs, intimate close-ups showing the animal’s unique personality, vulnerability and beauty, also document their touching stories of survival. Our hope is that these photographs would evoke a connection between the subject and the viewer, creating compassion, promoting the urgency of the conservation cause and compelling people to act.

The images taken are sold to raise funds for the animals whose stories they document and to create awareness and support for both the animals themselves and the extraordinary people and organisations helping them. All proceeds from the sale of the photographs go to the care and conservation of the animals documented.

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ArtforWild Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

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Mireille embarked on a journey from Germany to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya to capture the courageous and majestic elephants and the local people committed to giving them a future that is wild and free.

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Siitin at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Who we are

ArtforWild is made up of Mireille Ockenfels and Nicole Freitag, both German and passionate conservationists.

Mireille Ockenfels

Mireille Ockenfels

Co-Founder, Photographer and Artist
Nicole Freitag

Nicole Freitag

Co-Founder, Finance, Marketing
and Acquisition
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Sitiin and Nasimari of Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

The artworks

The  ArtforWild project is a testament to the power of art to change the world. Through Mireille’s stunning photography and artwork, Art for Wild is raising awareness and support for the protection of wildlife and their habitats.

Zwei Elefanten, die sich umarmen
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How you can help

There are various ways you can support wildlife. Learn more about how you can preserve nature for future generations.

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Elephants having fun while taking a bath